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MSP Expansion Services

Offer More Value to your Clients


Coaching & Operational Assessments

Now, more than ever, strong, reliable, MSPs are in demand. More growing businesses understand the importance of having a reliable and secure IT infrastructure. This is the time when MSPs can show incredible value as their clients increase virtual activities.


If your MSP business isn't growing, we can help.  


Based on years of experience at the intersection of business and IT, we look at your entire operations including processes, teams, and technologies.


We identify constraints, analyze issues, and recommend solutions. We even help you implement the chosen solutions. 

From stagnating client relationships to process bottlenecks, we look at your business from a holistic perspective and determine how best to move forward.  

Additional Services

Confluence routinely partners with other MSPs to expand their service offerings.   There are several likely scenarios where this makes good business sense:

  • Specialized Expertise

  • Geographic Coverage

  • IT Leadership & Strategy

Specialized Expertise

If you need special expertise to support a particular customer environment or application, we can deploy resources from our vast network to assist in your efforts. 

Geographic Coverage

If you need extra "feet on the ground" in a particular location, we can help too. We engage in reciprocal resourcing because it makes sense for our clients and yours. 

IT Leadership & Strategy

If you need a senior IT spokesperson to participate in strategy discussions, you can leverage the same Fractional CIO services that our customers use. 

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