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Small Business Solutions

Regardless of what type or level  of resource you need, we can help. Our engineers and analysts are ready to support your team. Our Fractional CIO services ensure that you are successful today and positioned well for future growth. 

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Your IT Team

Confluence MSP services ensure business continuity and protect your IT assets against cyber threats. Our MSP services are a great alternative to hiring a full-time IT/support team. We also work with IT Directors in fast-growing teams to offer seamlessly integrated, robust capabilities that include:

  • Rapid onboarding

  • Access to trained and experienced IT professionals

  • Broad capacity to support growing teams

  • 24/7 User support

Our mission-critical services turn a traditional commodity into a competitive advantage. When IT is critical to your business, you can trust Confluence to provide unparalleled support.

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Fractional CIO Services

Confluence Fractional CIO Services make sure your IT infrastructure keeps up with your team. As you grow and require new capabilities and capacity, you’ll need strategic input regarding your infrastructure decisions. 

Through our Fractional CIO Services, we can provide insights, policy recommendations and support for strategic plans. We work with your leadership team to understand your objectives and formulate strategies that support those objectives.

When we participate in technology planning, we focus on reliability and scalability. IT is our core competency. If it isn’t yours, consider partnering with Confluence.

You are good at what you do. Do it! We are good at what we do. Let us do it for you! 

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